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August 26, 2004

Rent at the Paramount in Seattle

I saw Rent tonight at the Paramount Theatre in Seattle. This was my second time at Rent, the first being in August of 1998. At that time, Rent was new to the northwest, and pretty fresh off Broadway. It was polished, glitzy, and glamorous.

Nearly ten years later, Rent follows the same Bohemian story but with a very fresh, young cast. Some are on their first national tour; some are on their first show out of school. There are a few new elements to the show, but the vast majority is the same.

With both theatrical and soap credits to his name, Andy Meeks (active on Musicals.net) played very believably and showed a great amount of talent, reaction, and response.

The entire cast was good, especially considering some of them were just cast two months ago. For example Ava, in the part of Maureen, is indistinguishable from her character on the stage -- showing that either her acting skill is keen, or her real life is full of playfulness, lack of responsibility, but filled with concern for others.

Strong performances were also made by Marcus Paul James as Tom Collins and Damien Deshaun Smith as the crowd and cast-pleaser Angel.

The Seattle P-I also posted a review of the show.

Well done, cast.

Posted by iokui at August 26, 2004 11:24 PM