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November 24, 2004

The Australian Pie Company expands northward

Update: 11/07/05 -- Seattle location closed. Burien location status unknown.

Since beginning to work in Tukwila, I've found cuisine happiness in the form of the Australian Meat Pie Company (vegetarian pies, too). One could conclude that, after half dozen or so round trips to Australia, that I really like the place. One would be correct in that assumption. It wasn't until one of my last trips, though, that I ventured out and tried the Australian delicacy of a meat pie. The meat pie is similar to a chicken pot pie, but without that feeling of yuck.

Unrelated to the meat pies, I'm changing jobs and will be working 10 miles north of my current location. As the Australian Meat Pie Company is in Burien, it'll be even more inconvenient to visit.

I was surprised today, on my last run to the pie store, that they have opened a store in downtown Seattle. I have not yet visited their location at 111 Pike Street, but look forward to doing so from my new employer's location. Congratulations to a friendly and family-run business.

(on a side note, the Outback Steakhouse is not Australian cuisine. Some dishes are good, but if you are in search of more authentic tucker, you would be better off visiting a more truly Australian place like the Aussie Pie Company.)

On a completely digressional note, my thoughts led to wondering why I don't live, or at least spend a whole lot more time, in Australia. A solution was pondered; could I be the Rick Steves of Australia? Could I publish a book as wildly popular and good as the x Revealed(Maui Revealed, Oahu Revealed, etc.) books? Practical things to think of first: Selling house, getting publisher, becoming a better writer. Perhaps a picture book would do?

Posted by iokui at November 24, 2004 12:42 PM